WorkSource Oregon Mental Health RTH Manager in Eugene, Oregon

Function: The Residential Treatment Home Manager (RTH)/ Mental Health Home Community Based Services Manager (HCBS) is responsible for the support, training, and coordination of activities of housing personnel and the management of daily operations and services of a community home serving people with mental illness. May provide direct support to participants of the program, accounting of funds, locate housing for participants, locate and refer participants to other local resources Requirements - Combination of 5 years education and experience in human services field with at least 2 years of experience in a position that includes supervisory and training responsibilities - Excellent communication and organizational skills - Ability to facilitate groups of people to provide instruction and/or consensus building activities - Good decision making and conflict resolution skills - Computer skills in word processing and spreadsheets required - Must be able to lift and carry up to 25 pounds - Must have a current Oregon Driver's License and acceptable driving record. Must have a documented criminal record clearance Duties - Supervises and trains assigned personnel - Prepares and conducts performance evaluations for approval by Program Manager - Develops employee work plans and professional growth plans for approval by the Program Manager - Manages work unit operations - Oversees safety and hygiene of working and living environments - Ensures that Occupational Injury and 801 reports are completed and routed as required - Participates in the internal quality assurance review and assures licensing requirements are met on an ongoing basis - Monitors budgetary expenditure for the work unit(s) as well as the use of personal funds of individuals to assure accountability - Ensures that the health, safety, and rights of individuals served are maintained in a manner that is respectful of the individual's dignity and privacy - Ensures that health care as required by individual need is provided including but not limited to medications, treatments, dietary requirements, and use of first aid and/or emergency medical treatment - Monitors and maintains work unit records Additional responsibilities - Attends and participates in Shangri-La Mental Health Departmental Meetings - Provides and receives organizational support, contributes to organizational development and participates in professional development activities as a member of the Shangri La - Understands and incorporates Shangri-La's vision, mission, values, policies, and procedures during the course of work and as a representative of the Shangri-La - Attends and successfully completes all required orientation, training, and health testing - Performs other duties as assigned Working conditions: This position is salaried with a minimum work schedule of 40 hours per week including on-call duties. The scheduled hours will be allocated as required to fulfill the position responsibilities which are subject to change. EOE employer