WorkSource Oregon Superintendent in Portland, Oregon

POSITION SUMMARY: As part of the Vigor Industrial Services team, this position oversees the daily planning and implementation of services (marine) to include rip out, preparation, coating, and installation of a variety materials on various surfaces outside and inside vessels. The position focuses on establishing a working plan (manning and materials) and delivering budget and meeting objectives at or below budget. The work involves selecting, training, and disciplining employees as well as assuring work is appropriately assigned, equipment and materials secured, and all safety regulations met. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS AND MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES: (This list is not intended to detail all aspects of the assigned work but is representative of the job's overall responsibilities) 1. Plans and schedules daily production work including coordinating work flow, employee assignments, determination of production goals and quality standards; takes necessary measures to communicate production plans and goals to all work shifts and supervisors; meets production schedules and quality and profit targets. Removes roadblocks identified by Production Supervisors / Manufacturing Supervisors and Production workers. 2. Creates a strong culture of safety with all employees invested in following safety regulations and taking all required safety precautions; oversees and monitors all production activities for compliance with safety policies and regulations; identifies problem areas, researches and implements solutions to reduce hazards and injuries in the work place. 3. Evaluates production performance to assure goals are being met and to identify impediments to goals; takes corrective measures to ensure safety, quality and revenue returns are met. 4. Supports and trains supervisors in resolving key issues and eliminating barriers that may compromise the successful completion of the plan as outlined. Must be comfortable to elevate those issues they are unable to resolve. 5. Conducts quality assurance during production and implements actions to remedy identified problems; institutes production changes to maximize quality while containing costs. 6. Participates in the hiring and selection of employees; develops and provides training in all areas of production to continuously improve safety practices, quality and quantity in production; monitors and evaluates employee performance and takes progressive and documented corrective actions as needed; recommends termination of employment. 7. Keeps production costs below or at budget to maximize revenues; evaluates variances from budget and/or plans and makes production changes as indicated. Identify and report (CFR) changes in scope of base work package by initiating/writing the CFR to clearly describe the problem and provide a recommended action/resolution. 8. Primary liaison between the Project Manager and working crews regarding communications relative to performance on safety, quality, budget and schedule. 9. Meets with customers during the project implementation to discuss project status, problem solve and improve services.