Precision Castparts Corp. Visual Dimensional Inspector, LPC-T/863 in Portland, Oregon

MISSION: To visually and dimensionally inspect castings to assure compliance to customer specifications and to assure that only necessary reworking of parts is performed.


  1. Visual Inspection.

Objective: to identify surface defects in castings.

Typical Activities:

A. Reviews tech cards and lot numbers. B. Fixtures some parts and leaves others freestanding. C. Visually inspects castings after preliminary heat treating and after final heat treat. D. Uses a variety of hand tools to assist in visual inspection.

  1. Dimensional Measurement.

Objective: to assure dimensional integrity.

Typical Activities:

A. Inspects castings and fixtures for conformance to blueprint and tech card specifications using templates, micrometers, height gauges, calipers, ultrasound and other dimensional measuring devices. B. Checks casting hardness per heat treat specifications using Brinell, Rockwell and other instruments. C. Marks castings to identify areas needing rework in order to meet dimensional specifications. D. Works regularly with Straightening, Salvage, and Targeting areas.

  1. Engineering Support.

Objective: to work with and prepare reports for use by engineering in addressing product quality issues.

Typical Activities:

A. Works with engineering to establish and evaluate inspection techniques. B. Works with engineering to identify and resolve problems of non-conformance to specifications. C. Enters dimensional data into computer for engineering purposes (not at LSBO). D. Prepares reports and information on dimensional issues as needed.

  1. Safety.

Objective: to take responsibility for and demonstrate safe work practices.

Typical Activities:

A. Adheres to plant and department safety rules. B. Safely operates all equipment and tools. C. Identifies and reports safety problems.

  1. Completes a variety of logs and records.
  2. Provides training and work direction to others as directed.
  3. Performs other tasks as assigned.


  1. Training is provided on the job.
  2. Visual/Dimensional Inspection Courses and Certification.
  3. Ultrasound Course as directed.


  1. Visual and dimensional inspection skills to use precision measuring inspection tools as demonstrated by classroom training and/or work experience; completion of Visual/Dimensional course at time of hire preferred.
  2. Ability to read, interpret and follow specifications on Tech Cards and other technical material, to write and to perform arithmetic calculations.
  3. Ability to perform dimensional inspection applying proper techniques.
  4. Ability to read precision hand tools.
  5. 20/30 correctable vision, and satisfactory passage of depth perception and color vision tests.
  6. Ability to provide work direction and training, and to communicate effectively.
  7. Ability to work independently.
  8. Ability to lift and/or maneuver objects weighing thirty to fifty pounds and occasionally up to eighty pounds.
  9. Ability to work in difficult working conditions which may include exposure to noise, dust, chemicals, and awkward physical positions for extended periods of time.

Requisition ID: PCC-US.20006