Oregon State University Research Associate (Post Doc) in Corvallis, Oregon

Internal Job Number: P02285UF


The College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences invites applications for a full-time 1.00FTE , 12-month, Research Associate (Post Doc) position. Reappointment is at the discretion of the Dean.

Sea ice is a highly dynamic thin crust on the polar oceans. It has one of the largest seasonalities in the Earth’s crysophere, with wind and ocean driven motion damped by seasonally evolving mechanical deformation of the ice pack. We can observe this mechanical behavior with both in-situ observations and remote sensing. To date, models of sea ice dynamics do not capture the observed deformation and are not skillful in predictions of ice drift and deformation. This position is an opportunity to join our National Science Foundation funded team to improve models of Arctic ice pack mechanical processes. Sea ice in Winter is a quasi-brittle or granular material, depending on location and conditions, and sea ice rheological models used in climate projections were designed with assumptions that have been found to be flawed. The Research Associate (Post Doc) will join a team that is addressing this issue, to develop models of sea ice deformation that can be constrained by observations.

The Research Associate (Post Doc) will work with Principal Investigators (PIs) Jenny Hutchings and Anton Kulchitsky in investigating the physical mechanisms controlling sea ice deformation in the Arctic winter. They will contribute to development of a Discrete Element Method model of sea ice. One-on-one training in sea ice dynamics and mechanics will be provided.

Minimum Qualifications (Staff) / Guidelines (Faculty):

Requires PhD or terminal degree and experience in the academic discipline/unit.

Requirements :

PhD in Geophysics, Engineering, Geology, Physics, Mathematics or related discipline.

Two or more years of experience in scientific programming.

Proven writing ability, exemplified by peer-reviewed publications and written reports.

Experience with Linux and shell scripting.

Additional Salary Information: Salary is commensurate with education and experience.