Interpath Laboratory Warehouse Lead in Pendleton, Oregon

EOE Disabled/Veteran

Support the organization's mission, vision, and values by exhibiting an ongoing commitment to the highest standards in all phases of Adaugeo Healthcare Solutions operations. Assume service-oriented attitude to gain a sense of pride and accomplishment. Accepts the team approach with dedication and commitment towards all work performed.

The Materials Management department of Adaugeo Healthcare Solutions provides support to numerous companies through the procurement of supplies and services from vendors. The Adaugeo customers rely on the Materials Management department to define processes, train employees to use the defined processes, procure supplies, ensure delivery of supplies and assist with any other procurement related processes in a timely and efficient manner.

Skills are required to perform multiple tasks with a potential need to upgrade skills in order to meet changing job conditions. Specific skill-based competencies required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include:

  • Knowledge of basic purchasing, accounting, and inventory management principles

  • Understanding the company’s ERP software and using it effectively in day-to-day activity

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Detail oriented

  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written

  • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office suite of products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)

  • Proficient typing skills

  • Ability to work effectively in a cooperative, team-oriented, and fast paced environment

  • Ability to communicate effectively with internal departments and customers

  • Self-motivated and diligent work habits

  • Ability to exercise sound, independent judgment

  • Ability to follow instructions both written and verbal

  • Ability to learn/use vendor specific software for outbound shipments

Education: High School Diploma or equivalent (GED)

Licensure/Certification: N/A

Experience: Some inventory management experience preferred.

  • Working under limited supervision following standardized practices and/or methods and completing tasks in defined timeframe(s)

  • Flexibility is required to work with others in a variety of circumstances

  • Operating equipment using standardized methods

  • Participating in meetings, in-service training, workshops, etc. for the purpose of conveying/gathering information required to perform job functions.

  • Assist in training company employees and/or customers in use of efficient ordering methods

  • Order placement

  • This position will have responsibility, as assigned by the Materials Manager, for placing vendor orders to support Adaugeo customer locations

  • Customer Supplies

  • Primary contact for information coming from our Client Relations Management software with regards to supply orders

  • This position will be the back up to the Purchasing Assistant for filling/assisting with supply orders

  • Orders will be processed as outlined in the Materials Management Procedure Manual for both Interpath and Adaugeo customer orders

  • Interpath client supplies will be prepared daily in a timely manner to be sent with the next available courier.

  • Supplies will be prepared based on outbound courier schedules, i.e. customer orders for those serviced by first courier leaving in the morning are processed first

  • Client supplies will be prepared during the day as requested/required by client needs.

  • eSupply requests (electronic requests for orders)

  • email

  • Other

  • Assistance to track/locate customer orders will also be provided as needed and in a timely manner.

  • Laboratory (Main Building) Supplies

  • This positions will be the back up to the Purchasing Assistant for monitoring and stocking general supplies stored in area(s) of the main laboratory building

  • Receiving function

  • This position will have primary responsibility for the accurate receiving function of incoming orders to the Pendleton location with assistance from the Purchasing Assistant as necessary

  • Inbound Freight will be processed daily following the procedure outlined in the Materials Management Procedure Manual

  • In the event all freight cannot be put away daily, all parcels will be inspected for refrigerated contents and appropriately stored before leaving for the day.

  • Refrigerated items received at the Pendleton location for another location will be sent with the next available courier or refrigerated overnight for the next courier run if necessary.

  • All receiving documents will be kept accurate and current at all times

  • Inventory Management

  • This position will be primary staff member accountable for accuracy of inventory levels (actual stock compared to inventory levels indicated in ERP software)

  • Maintaining proper inventory levels of materials used on a regular basis

  • This will/could entail modification of min/max stocking levels and order points in the ERP software to generate replenishment orders

  • Decisions regarding high dollar inventory with be discussed with Materials Manager prior to changes

  • Assisting in the develop of protocols and procedures to ensure value of inventory is not increased without justification

  • Management/location of all items in warehouse to ensure similar items are stored together in a commonsensical manner for easy location and proper storage conditions

  • Management/tracking of all open PO’s to track missing, delayed or back ordered orders

  • Storeroom/Warehouse should be kept orderly at all times

  • Aisles will be kept clear at all times

  • Area(s) will be swept and/or mopped as needed to ensure a professional environment suitable for visitors at any given time

  • This position will assist/lead inventory stock counts as required

  • Participation in Quality Initiatives

  • This position will be responsible for participating in quality improvement projects as well as identifying and suggesting and/or possibly leading projects to improve department processes and/or efficiencies

  • All projects will be documented following the Interpath Quality (IQ) processes and become part of the corporate tracking of such projects.

  • Recurring problems or issues that have historically been problematic should be considered candidates for IQ projects

  • Off Site Storage

  • This position will manage “off-site” storage processes through actions including but not limited to:

  • Cycling of documents per the record retention schedule to ensure proper storage duration as well as proper destruction of sensitive material(s)

  • Assisting in the storage of “surplus” supplies/materials in that storage facility

Maintaining an orderly appearance so that items are easily located and readily available and/or retrievable

This position performs tasks that involve exposure to blood, body fluids and/or tissues. All employees performing these duties are offered the opportunity to receive the Hepatitis-B vaccination series.

The usual and customary methods of performing the job’s functions require the following physical demands: driving, lifting, carrying, pushing, and/or pulling, some stooping, kneeling, and crouching. Generally the job requires 80% standing, 10% walking, and 10% sitting. This job is performed in a generally clean and healthy environment. In addition there is a potential for extended periods of travel time, including overnight travel.

ID: 2018-2811

Schedule: M-F

External Company Name: Interpath Laboratory

External Company URL:

Address: PO Box 1517