The Greenbrier Companies, Inc. Pipefitter in Portland, Oregon

General Position Summary: Applicant must possess the ability to fit and weld steel pipe systems, and fit and glue composite pipe systems on ocean going barges and marine equipment. Applicant must be able to assist in the structural assembly of ocean going barges and marine equipment when required. Applicant must be able to work from blue prints provided. Applicant must be able to perform work duties at the direction of Gunderson Marine Supervisory personnel.

Primary Responsibilities: * Perform precise fitting work on components and work unassisted from spool drawings * Tack parts or pipe spools in preparation for welding * Prepare and glue composite pipe spools * Set up and operate welding equipment * Set up and operate shaving and glue equipment for composite pipe systems * Visually inspect completed welds and glued joints to assure adherence to specifications * Assist in structural assembly when necessary * 6G unlimited weld qualification

Specific Job Skills: * Must be able to burn efficiently and with good quality using a hand cutting torch * Able to climb ladders and work off scaffolding * Blueprint reading and layout skills * Ability to troubleshoot minor welding equipment problems * Able to follow safety procedures * Able to follow verbal and written instructions * Able to work independently and in a team environment * Willing to work all shifts * Able to lift, carry, push, and pull 1-50 lbs. for 1-6 hours per day: 75 lbs. for 1-3 hours per day; pull, rarely, up to 100 lbs. * Able to sit, stand, walk , bend , twist, kneel, climb and reach 1-8 hours per day * Able to rig pipe spools and valves into position using chain hoists and lever hoists

Required Education and/or Experience: * 3 years previous pipe fitting experience preferred * Ability to weld and become certifiable in 6G unlimited pipe welding position using various processes * Ability to weld and become certifiable in 1/16" FCAW all positions, unlimited thickness pass ABS 2G and 3G * Able to pass the Gunderson A-Test * Able to do math fractions, read tape measure and pass written weld test

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled

The Greenbrier Companies, Inc.

00101-Portland, OR