Precision Castparts Corp. Production Grinder - LPC-T/863 in Portland, Oregon

MISSION: To remove gating material, and blend and grind casting surfaces to meet customer specifications. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES: 1. Finish Grinding. Objective: to grind and blend gating and defect areas on castings, and provide surface finishing within dimensional tolerances; to remove the minimum amount of metal necessary to remain within specified tolerances. Typical Activities: A. Reviews tech cards and blueprints to determine grinding requirements. B. Determines stock removal requirements and tolerances for removal of gate material or other added metal stock. C. Determines acceptance limits for grinding and blending defects. D. Uses counter-balanced belt grinders, fixed grinders, held-held grinders, air tools, and hand tools including files and mirrors to grind and polish casting areas. E. Wears required protective shields, clothing, wrist supports, glasses and gloves during grinding operations. F. Visually inspects castings during grinding operations to assure compliance with specifications. G. Makes dimensional measurements on specified parts to assure compliance with specifications; marks undersized areas for further inspection. 2. Safety. Objective: to take responsibility for and demonstrate safe work practices. NOTE: for job positions that require respiratory protection (more than a filtering face piece - dust mask): In compliance with the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division Personal Protective Equipment standard for Respiratory Protection, OAR 437, Div. 2/I 1910.134 and Oregon Health Division Rules for the Control of Radiation, OAR 333. Div. 120 (333-120-300 through 330), certain tasks within this job position require/may require the use of a NIOSH-approved respirator. An individual will not be assigned to these tasks if the person is not able to work under these conditions. Respirator selection will be based on the work performed, exposure information, duration of use and any other relevant factors. If a tight-fitting respirator is required, facial hair, temple pieces on glasses or other items that interferes with the face-to-face piece seal of the respirator are not permitted. Typical Activities: A. Adheres to plant and department safety rules. B. Safely operates all equipment and tools. C. Identifies and reports safety problems. D. May be required to handle hazardous waste. 3. Performs minor maintenance and changes belts on equipment. 4. Completes logs and records. 5. Performs other tasks as directed. 6. May provide training and work direction to B-level grinders. TRAINING: 1. Training is provided on the job. 2. May be required to complete hazardous waste management training.

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