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Precision Castparts Corp. Radiologic Evaluator - LPC-T/862 in Portland, Oregon

Job Description *


To interpret (by use of computer applications) all film and electronically acquired radiographs taken of castings to determine that discrepancies meet customer specifications and PCC standards; to determine if parts are acceptable or need repair, mark and route parts for necessary repairs and sign final reports that approve castings sent to customers.


Preparation: To review specifications and radiographs prior to evaluation.

A. Review Technique Cards and paperwork to part specifications.

B. Sort radiographs by view for each part.

C. Check each radiograph to determine that appropriate quality for image sensitivity and accuracy is obtained.

D. Ensure proper image file management protocol is followed.

Interpretation: To interpret and evaluate radiographs in order to determine the quality of castings and to accept the part or route for repair according to customer and PCC specifications.

A. Visually evaluate radiographic indications to determine if casting or welding discontinuities exist.

B. Interpret identified discontinuities to determine their cause and/or whether they meet customer specifications.

C. Interpret and identify surface and subsurface discontinuities per customer specifications.

D. Evaluate parts with repeat problem areas; consult with engineering as appropriate.

E. Mark problem areas on parts needing repair; may request additional radiographs to further evaluate indications; routes for repair on rework routing cards; may decide on or recommend necessary repairs.

F. Sign and stamp reports for acceptance of parts as determined by interpreter.

G. Review weld maps to ensure all welds have been radiographed.

H. Perform mathematical calculations from detailed drawings or blueprints to determine acceptability.

Other Duties:

A. May be required to handle hazardous waste and follow all required PPE regulations.

B. Must meet all production and quality standards per department standards.

C. Accurately record and document work performed.

D. Provide training and work direction to less experienced personnel as assigned.

E. Perform any function of radiographers, darkroom operators and other department personnel as assigned.

F. Safely operate all equipment and tools.

G. Must comply with all applicable safety requirements, policies and procedures while maintaining a clean, safe, and orderly work environment. Must participate in required training, medical monitoring, safety and health evaluations and programs.

H. Regular and predictable attendance.

I. Perform Required overtime as directed by supervision

J. Performs other tasks as directed.


  1. Film viewer

  2. Light meter

  3. Radiographic reference plates

  4. Pin gauges, vernier calipers, spring calipers

  5. Pallet jacks

  6. Hoists

  7. Optical Comparitor

  8. Densitometer

  9. Computer – (PC) Personal, server, and (LAN) Local Area Network

  10. Electronic measurement tools and functions (i.e. take radiographic images of control gages following specific instructions, sample Gray Scale readings of specific regions of interest to calibrate by calculation the signal to noise levels for image qualification, determine image quality compliance for spatial resolution thru use of line pair gages and geometric calculation, etc.)

  11. Image plate reader hardware

  12. Image detectors, i.e. Image plates, digital panels, etc.

  13. Image processing software tools

  14. Image archive devices such as CD, DVD, Flash, Server, etc.


  1. Training is provided on the job and in classroom or topical sessions.

  2. Must complete Radiographer - Level 2 course, plus digital method training modules.

  3. Must complete Radiographer - Level 2 Certification, plus digital method certification.

  4. Must recertify - Level 2 every three years.

  5. May be required to complete hazardous waste management training.


  1. Advanced radiographer skills as demonstrated by the competent performance of all Radiographer A duties for at least 1 year and completion of Level 1 Certification.


    An equivalent combination of classroom training and closely related radiographic experience.

  2. Proven productivity performance over the past year, a satisfactory quality rating from the supervisor and lead, and no more than 6unexcused absences in a 12 month period.

  3. Demonstrated intermediate level computer system operation skills, to include operation of mouse, keyboard, and all associated hardware. Must also have a good understanding of windows-based operating systems and be able to navigate successfully through the system..

  4. Demonstrated ability to understand basic computer communication problems. Must be able to clearly communicate the issue to MIS for repair.5. Must have the ability to adapt and learn new operation methods as electronic technology progressively develops.

  5. Demonstrated ability to read, interpret and follow specifications found in Technique Cards, Quality Control Manuals and other technical materials.

  6. Must have the ability to use pixel value measurement, (ROI) region of interest image value, statistical process check tool(s), mid level mathematical calculations; such as statistical mean calculation, averages, percentiles and fractions, to verify quality of electronic images.

  7. Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.

  8. Demonstrated ability to read and interpret specifications on drawings and blueprints at a radiographer film interpreter level.

  9. Demonstrated ability to work independently with limited supervision.

    1. Physical ability to perform the essential job functions.
    1. Perform daily equipment set-up procedures and quality checks as required by QCM.
    1. Regular and predictable attendance.
    1. Requires overtime as directed by supervision.

Precision Castparts Corp. is an equal opportunity employer committed to recruit, hire, train, and promote in all job categories without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, veteran status or other status protected by applicable law.

Requisition ID: PCC-US.223480