The Greenbrier Companies, Inc. Rail Outfitter in Portland, Oregon

General Position Summary: Assemble and frame inner walls, floors and roof on the Refrigerated boxcars.

Primary Responsibilities and Training Needs: * Trained in accordance with job responsibilities and applicable specifications * Assist in loading materials in the Boxcars * General clean up and scrapping of old materials * Able to operate electric drills, caulking gun, saw, electric grinder, nail gun * Able to read tape measure, understand how to use a level * Able to climb ladders and use of powered scissor lifts

Specific Job Skills: * Equipment/tools used: hammers, wrenches, burning torch, brooms and shovel. * Physical requirements: lift, carry, push and or pull 1 -- 50 lbs or 1 -- 6 hours per day. * Body movements: bend, twist, kneel, walk climb and reach for 1 -- 6 hours per day. * Endurance: kneel, stand and walk for 1 -- 8 hours per day. * Environment: covered fabrication bay. Some outside work required. Temperature extremes exist. * Hazards: noise, dust, overhead cranes, vehicle and RR traffic. * Production/Materials: scrap steel and wood, forged, fiberglass and cast parts, nuts and bolts, new and rebuilt RR cars.

Required Education and/or Experience: * Experience working in a shop around noise, dust, and all types of weather.

  • Capable of grinding and ability to withstand excess lifting.

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled

The Greenbrier Companies, Inc.

00101-Portland, OR